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This year's speakers

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As Eva describes on her LI she has been showing Europe the beauty of the C&A brand for 17 years, currently as Lead Brand & Fashion PR Europe. Victoria is the Influencer Marketing Manager and has been part of C&A for 5 years now.

Victoria Pearce C&A

Eva Van Elst C&A

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Lukáš has 11 years of experience in agencies and companies such as O2 or Lasvit. He currently leads the digital team at Tesco, who sponsored the Ice Hockey World Cup this year. Are their influencer campaigns as successful as the Czech hockey players this year?

Lukáš Kratochvíl

Lead Digital Campaigns Manager, Tesco

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Adam Rajnoha is a leading figure in the dynamic virtual and augmented reality sector. As a VR & AR strategist and XR Entrepreneur, Adam’s achievements include notable collaborations with industry giants such as Apple, Adidas, Niantic, and Deloitte. Currently, he holds the CEO position at YORD. Is the future of influencers in the virtual ones?

Adam Rajnoha

CEO, Yord Studio

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Tereza is responsible for marketing and PR within the consumer goods division of L’Oréal in CZ/HU/SK, working with popular brands such as L’Oréal Paris, Maybelline NY, NYX Professional Makeup, Essie, and others. Jan Los holds the position of Chief Marketing & Digital Officer and is currently leading the marketing transformation at L’Oréal.

Jan Los L´Oréal

Tereza Law L´Oréal


If you enjoy a bit of politically incorrect humor, Tigran Hovakimyan will brighten your whole day! If you don't follow him yet, you can startnow.

What is InfluCon?

The biggest influencer marketing conference in the Czech Republic. Why? Because influencers have the power to elevate almost any brand - and you are not the only one interested in knowing how. The greatest professionals in the field are going to share their experiences with the role of influencers play in brand building.

They will also add numbers, analysis and results, they will talk about strategy. We won‘t skip the point of view of the biggest media platforms either.

Do you want more? The whole fourth block gives space to influencers. After all, that's what it's all about.



Influencer marketing, to je oč tu běží!


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1st block - Data, subconscious, and future


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Talks of professionals from all over the world

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Talks of professionals from all over the world

High quality video recordings of all the talks

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We’re a full service digital agency and we are pleased to meet you. We grew up with influencer marketing and even though we cover much more these days, influencers and everything around them are still the core of our focus and business. We enjoy analysing this phonemennon, watching its progress and of course, employing it in our practice in a ways that makes sense for both the influencers and brands that want to keep up with trends. Are you one of them? Then this is definitely the right place for you!


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